Taxons de Ptéridophytes associés à une planche de Plumier et à un spécimen des Mascareignes – lectotypification de Polypodium punctulatum Poir.

Georges CREMERS & Michel BOUDRIE

fr Adansonia 36 (2) - Pages 171-183

Published on 26 December 2014

Pteridophyte taxa associated to a Plumier’s plate and to a specimen from the Mascarene Islands – Lectotypification of Polypodium punctulatum Poir.

During our study of the Plumier’s specimens, collected in the Antilles, in the historical herbaria of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris (P), we noticed that the protologues of certain taxa contain the reference to Plumier and mention specimens coming from the Mascarene Archipelago. These taxa are detailed in the present article and, in this occasion, we have proceeded to the lectotypification of Polypodium punctulatum Poir.


Pteridophyta, Antilles, Mascarene, Plumier, lectotypification

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