Révision des typifications de quelques taxons de ptéridophytes décrits par A. L. A. Fée d’après des récoltes de F. J. L’Herminier

Franck A. MADDI & Georges CREMERS

fr Adansonia 36 (2) - Pages 185-203

Published on 26 December 2014

Revision of typifications among some taxa of pteridophytes of Guadeloupe described by A. L. A. Fée upon F. J. L'Herminier's specimens

A survey of major herbaria that contain ferns and allied plants collected by Ferdinand L’Herminier and described by Antoine Fée allowed us to achieve the typification of 14 names of taxa. Some previous typifications, controversial or incomplete, are reviewed and clarified. Thus, we designate one holotype (Litobrochia affinis Fée), ten lectotypes (Acrostichum herminieri Bory & Fée ex Fée, Dicksonia cicutarioides Fée, Didymoglossum angustifrons Fée, Didymoglossum fructuosum Fée, Didymoglossum laceratum Fée, Drynaria elastica Fée, Goniopteris rostrata Fée, Hymenophyllum ectocarpon Fée, Phegopteris dilatata Fée, Selaginella mollis Fée) and two neotypes (Microlepia incisa Fée, Polypodium tenuiculum Fée). In addition to some lectotypes based on illustrations or incomplete specimens, we propose one epitype (Phegopteris dilatata Fée). Finally, including Goniophlebium acuminatum Fée, we detail all these taxa whose names were previously typified by other authors.


Dennstaedtiaceae, Dryopteridaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Polypodiaceae, Pteridaceae, Selaginellaceae, Thelypteridaceae, ferns, spikemosses, herbariology, Lesser Antilles, lectotypification

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