Protomegabaria Hutch. (Phyllanthaceae): some observations concerning its morphology, taxonomy and geography

Franciscus J. BRETELER

en Adansonia 36 (1) - Pages 103-112

Published on 27 June 2014

As a result of the treatment of Protomegabaria (Phyllanthaceae) for the Flore du Gabon, some morphological features are highlighted. The two species of the original publication of the genus, Protomegabaria stapfiana (Beille) Hutch. and P. macrophylla Hutch., currently synonymised under the former name, are distinct which is illustrated and demonstrated in the key to the species. Protomegabaria stapfiana and P. macrophylla are lectotypified. Distribution maps of the species are presented and special attention is given to the disjunct area of the third species Protomegabaria meiocarpa J. Léonard.


Phyllanthaceae, Protomegabaria, Africa, morphology, geography

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