Novitates Gabonenses 81. The identity and geography of Cola cauliflora Mast. (Malvaceae formerly Sterculiaceae) and its substitute for Gabon and the Republic of the Congo

Franciscus J. BRETELER

en Adansonia 36 (1) - Pages 113-119

Published on 27 June 2014

While preparing a publication concerning some new Cola Schott & Endl. species for the Gabonese flora, it was discovered that the lectotype of Cola cauliflora Mast. does not fit the treatment of this species for the Flore du Gabon. As a consequence a new Cola species, C. elegans Pierre ex Breteler, sp. nov. is described which replaces Cola cauliflora occurring in Cameroon, neither in Gabon nor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Mann collection from Ambas Bay, Cameroon, to which the name Cola cauliflora was erroneously adhered at Kew, proves to represent Cola micrantha K.Schum.


Malvaceae, Sterculiaceae, Cola, Gabon, new species

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