Les Saxifraga L. de l’herbier Luizet : informatisation et numérisation des types et dissections

Vanessa DAMIANTHE, Gwenaël LE BRAS & Élodie LERAT

fr Adansonia 36 (1) - Pages 63-72

Published on 27 June 2014

The Saxifraga L. of the Luizet herbarium: databasing and digitization of the types and dissections

The herbarium of Luizet is a collection of European Saxifraga L. of a specific interest, justified by the presence of a great number of floral dissections and the richness in hybrid specimens and nomenclatural types. The treatment of this singular herbarium required to adapt the standards of the GPI (« Global Plants Initiative ») protocol. The GPI team at Paris Herbarium proceeded to the digitization of both nomenclatural types and specimens presenting such floral dissections, which represents a total of 1169 specimens studied, among which 663 types and 82 different species, varieties and hybrids.


Saxifraga, Dactylites, Trisaxifraga, Saxifragaceae, hybrids, floristic, D. Luizet, M. Guétrot, Global Plants Initiative

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