Elaphoglossum nimbaense J.P.Roux, sp. nov. (Pteridophyta: Dryopteridaceae), a new fern species from Liberia, West Africa

Jacobus P. ROUX

en Adansonia 36 (1) - Pages 7-13

Published on 27 June 2014

Elaphoglossum nimbaense J.P.Roux, sp. nov., a new epiphytic fern species which appears to be endemic to the Nimba Mountains in Liberia, West Africa is described and illustrated. Features separating E. nimbaense J.P.Roux, sp. nov. from other species in section Elaphoglossum Schott ex J.Sm. are the crustaceous, centrally dark and glossy, pseudopeltate rhizome scales, the conspicuous short stipe of the sterile fronds – the fertile frond stipes are significantly longer, the somewhat carnose, attenuate, long acuminate sterile laminae. The significantly larger adaxial epidermal cells of the fertile laminae in comparison with that of the sterile laminae and the reticulate (impresso-punctate) adaxial epidermis of the fertile laminae, perhaps caused by the collapse of bladder cells (enlarged moisture containing epidermal cells) with straight transverse walls is also characteristic of the species. The nomenclature of section Elaphoglossum and subsections therein are discussed.


Dryopteridaceae, Elaphoglossum, section Elaphoglossum, Liberia, Mt Nimba, West Africa, espèce nouvelle

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