Evaluation of Linnaeus’ concept of Santolina rosmarinifolia L. (Asteraceae, Anthemideae) and its interpretation


en Adansonia 35 (1) - Pages 87-105

Published on 28 June 2013

The present study evaluates Linnaeus’ concept of S. rosmarinifolia, as well as its interpretation and application. Additional original material of S. rosmarinifolia L. is cited and discussed. Santolina minor Mill., S. linearifolia Jordan & Fourr., S. chamaecyparissus L. subsp. viridis Rouy var. β subintegrifolia Rouy, S. rosmarinifolia f. robusta Sennen & Pau, and S. rosmarinifolia L. var. foliosa Sennen & Elías are lectotypified. An illegitimate name (S. rosmarinifolia Mill.) is identified. The current status of these names is discussed. Six names not validly published are found. The nomenclatural synonyms of S. rosmarinifolia are provided.


Anthemideae, Asteraceae, Linnaeus’ names, Santolina, typification

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