Streptoechites gen. nov., a new genus of Asian Apocynaceae


en Adansonia 34 (2) - Pages 365-375

Published on 28 December 2012

The new genus Streptoechites D.J.Middleton & Livsh., gen. nov. is described and the new combination Streptoechites chinensis (Merr.) D.J.Middleton & Livsh., comb. nov. is made. Analysis of chloroplast and nuclear loci leaves uncertain its phylogenetic position within tribe Apocyneae Rchb., but Templeton and winning sites tests reject with statistical significance its inclusion in Sindechites Oliv., Epigynum Wight or Cleghornia Wight, the three genera where it has been previously classified. In contrast, the monophyly of Urceola Roxb.and Epigynum is neither supported nor rejected, making any re-circumscription of these two genera premature. A close relationship between Urceola and the monotypic genus Aganonerion Pierre ex Spire, sampled for the first time in a molecular analysis, is supported.

Apocynaceae, Apocyneae, Aganonerion, Sindechites, Cleghornia, Urceola, Epigynum, Templeton test, winning sites test, new genus, new combination
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