Phaius baolocensis sp. nov. (Orchidaceae), a new species endemic to the southern highlands of Vietnam

Van Duy NONG, Tao CHEN & Dianxiang ZHANG

en Adansonia 34 (2) - Pages 251-255

Published on 28 December 2012

A new endemic species, Phaius baolocensis N.V.Duy, T.Chen & D.X.Zhang, sp. nov. is described and illustrated. This new entity is similar to Phaius tankervilleae (Banks ex L’Hér.) Blume and P. australis var. bernaysii (F. Muller ex Bernays) Nicholls morphologically, from which it differs in having flowers rachis sparsely, lateral sepal narrow elliptic, petal narrow elliptic, lip apex bilobated, spur subcylindric and short.

Orchidaceae, Vietnam, new species
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