Santolina orocarpetana sp. nov. (Asteraceae: Anthemideae), a new species from the Iberian Peninsula. Revision of the lectotype of S. oblongifolia Boiss.


en Adansonia 34 (1) - Pages 133-154

Published on 26 June 2012

The lectotype of Santolina oblongifolia Boiss. is examined and discussed. Santolina heterophylla Willk. & Cut., S. oblongifolia Boiss. var. obtusifolia Willk., S. oblongifolia var. ceratophylla Willk., and S. lobata Jord. & Fourr. are lectotypified. Santolina oblongifolia Boiss. f. intermedia Pau is neotypified. The current status of these names is discussed. A new species from the Iberian Peninsula, S. orocarpetana sp. nov., is described.

Asteraceae, Iberian Peninsula, Spain, lectotypification, neotypification, new species
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