Two new species of Astragalus L. sect. Incani DC. (Fabaceae) from the Zanjan province (Iran)


en Adansonia 34 (1) - Pages 59-65

Published on 26 June 2012

Astragalus dilutuloides Maassoumi, F.Ghahrem. & Bagheri, sp. nov. and Astragalus montis-queydari F.Ghahrem., Maassoumi & Bagheri, sp. nov. are described as new species. Morphological evidence (bifurcated trichome, acaulescence, free stipules, bibracteolate, non-inflated calyx in fruit) supports taxonomic placement of the new taxa in Astragalus L. sect. Incani DC. These are endemic to the Zanjan province of western Iran. Astragalus dilutuloides is close to A. dilutulus Maassoumi, but it differs with having longer habit, longer stipules, longer leaves, in leaves indumentum, longer peduncle, and color of bract and bracteoles hairs. Astragalus montis-queydari is close to A. xiphidiopsis Bornm., but it differs from the first new species with having longer stipules, fewer leaflets, shorter peduncle, and inflorescence with fewer flowers (4-10 vs 10-20).

Keywords :
Papilionaceae, Astragalus subgenus Cercidothrix, Astragalus sect. Proselius, West Iran, new species
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