Une nouvelle espèce de Foetidia (Lecythidaceae, sous-famille Foetidioideae) en danger critique d'extinction récemment découverte à Mayotte, archipel des Comores

Jean-Noël LABAT, Ehoarn BIDAULT & Guillaume VISCARDI

fr Adansonia 33 (2) - Pages 263-269

Published on 30 December 2011

A new critically endangered species of Foetidia (Lecythidaceae, subfamily Foetidioideae) recently discovered in Mayotte, Comoros archipelago

A new species of Foetidia Comm. ex Lam., Foetidia comorensis Labat, Bidault & Viscardi, is described for the Comoros archipelago. This species, morphologically close to F. africana Verdc .and F. macrocarpa Bosser, has been found on one single locality on Mayotte Island: Sazilé peninsula. The fact that the unique known population is facing high grazing, stomping, and cutting pressure, leads us to propose the IUCN criteria CR (critically endangered). We also propose urgent conservation measures, in order to maintain this new and rare species, such as the acquisition of the concerned land by the Conservatoire de l’espace littoral et des rivages lacustres, the protection of the species by the law, and the monitoring by a heading plan of conservation.


Lecythidaceae, Foetidioideae, Foetidia, Comoros, Mayotte, biodiversity, inventory, extinction, IUCN, new species

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