Typification and synonymy of Santolina ageratifolia Barnades ex Asso (Asteraceae, Anthemideae), an endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula


en Adansonia 33 (2) - Pages 323-330

Patterns of speciation in the angiosperm genus Santolina (Asteraceae, Anthemideae) have recently been intensively studied, but progress is hampered by nomenclatural confusion. In this paper, the species S. ageratifolia Barnades ex Asso, S. pectinata Lag. var. paniculata Loscos & J.Pardo and S. longidentata Pau are lectotypified. An invalid name has been found: S. rosmarinifolia L. subvar. virens macrocephala Pau. The nomenclature of S. ageratifolia is provided.


Asteraceae, Anthemideae, Santolina ageratifolia, nomenclature, taxonomy

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