Typification and check-list of Ensete Horan. names (Musaceae) with nomenclatural notes

Henry VÄRE & Markku HÄKKINEN

en Adansonia 33 (2) - Pages 191-200

Published on 30 December 2011

All the names accepted in the genus Ensete Horan. are listed and typifications supplemented. All Ensete names have originally been described as belonging to the genus Musa L. Altogether, 37 names were found, the fossil Ensete oregonense excluded, 36 species and variety are considered. Currently, eight species are recognised, i.e. E. agharkarii, E. gilletii, E. glaucum, E. holstii, E. homblei, E. perrieri, E. superbum and E. ventricosum, and one variety, E. glaucum var. wilsonii comb. nov. Of the names, eight are illegitimate, and three dubious. A great confusion seems to be connected with E. ventricosum, which is indigenous in Africa. We consider that 14 names are synonymous with it. As herbarium specimens of type material are often of bad quality and sometimes completely undiscovered or perhaps lost completely, some typification is based on the drawings. In this article, nine Musa names, currently included in Ensete, are lectotypified.


Ensete, Musa, Musella, Musaceae, typification

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