Novitates Gabonenses 76. Un nouveau Maesobotrya (Euphorbiaceae) des Monts de Cristal (Gabon et Guinée Équatoriale)

Olivier LACHENAUD & Franciscus J. BRETELER

fr Adansonia 33 (2) - Pages 215-219

Published on 30 December 2011

Novitates Gabonenses 76. A new Maesobotrya (Euphorbiaceae) from Crystal Mountains (Gabon and Equatorial Guinea)

Maesobotrya oligantha O.Lachenaud & Breteler, sp. nov., a new species endemic to the Crystal Mountains (Equatorial Guinea and Gabon) is described and illustrated. It is close to M. pauciflora Pax in having very reduced inflorescences, but differs in its hirsute leaves with rounded or subcordate base, and its female flowers with three stigmas. From M. cordulata J.Léonard, which it resembles in the vegetative state, it differs in its much shorter axillary inflorescences and its shorter petioles.


Euphorbiaceae, Maesobotrya, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Crystal Mountains, new species

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