Lectotypification d'Astragalus secundus DC. (Fabaceae), redécouverte d'un type candolléen disparu depuis 140 ans

Olivier D. DURBIN, Pascale CHESSELET & Jean-Noël LABAT

fr Adansonia 33 (1) - Pages 87-91

Lectotypification of Astragalus secundus DC. (Fabaceae), rediscovery of a candollean type missing for 140 years

A lectotype of Astragalus secundus DC. is designated, based on original material from the Paris herbarium (P), and identified by using the relevant literature and the inscriptions on the specimen. This search for Astragalus types is conducted in the context of the GPI digitization project.


Fabaceae, Astragalus, A. P. de Candolle, nomenclature, lectotypification, “Global Plants Initiative”

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