Revision of Pycnandra subgenus Sebertia (Sapotaceae) and a generic key to the family in New Caledonia


en Adansonia 32 (2) - Pages 239-249

Published on 31 December 2010

The satellite genus Sebertia (Sapotaceae, Chrysophylloideae) in New Caledonia is here recognized as Pycnandra subgenus Sebertia, a group comprising only two species. Pycnandra canaliculata is described and illustrated as new from the south part of Grande Terre where it occurs in maquis vegetation and humid forest on ultramafic soils, often along watercourses. This species is well known among many biologists but misidentified until now as Sebertia gatopensis, a synonym of P. blanchonii that resides in northwest Grande Terre. In New Caledonia, Pycnandra is the only sapotaceous genus with flowers that lack staminodes and Pycnandra subgenus Sebertia is characterized by small white flowers and fruits lacking stylar remnants. The fruits are characteristic with a scale-like epidermis that is translucent and peels off in P. acuminata versus brown and persistent in P. canaliculata. Using field data and applying IUCN criteria, we assess the preliminary threat as Least Concern (LC) for P. acuminata and Vulnerable (VU) for P. canaliculata.


Sapotaceae, Pycnandra, Sebertia, New Caledonia, conservation status, new species

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