Richesse de l'herbier de Paris en types d'Astragalus asiatiques et lectotypification d'Astragalus superbus Bunge (Fabaceae)

Olivier D. DURBIN, Pascale CHESSELET & Jean-Noël LABAT

fr Adansonia 32 (1) - Pages 125-133

Published on 25 June 2010

The richness of the Paris herbarium in Asian Astragalus types and lectotypification of Astragalus superbus Bunge

In the context of the Global Plants Initiative digitization project of nomenclatural types and associated data, 864 type specimens of Asian and Middle-Eastern Astragalus L. (Fabaceae) species were discovered in the Paris herbarium collections (P). Emphasis is laid on the Bunge collection from which a significant number of Astragalus type specimens originate, as well as on the Paris herbarium’s richness in type specimens. Finally, a lectotype is designated for Astragalus superbus Bunge based on material used in this study.


Fabaceae, Astragalus, A. A. von Bunge, Global Plants Initiative, lectotypification

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