Acampe hulae Telepova (Orchidaceae), une nouvelle espèce du Cambodge et du Laos


fr Adansonia 31 (2) - Pages 267-272

Published on 31 December 2009

Acampe hulae Telepova (Orchidaceae), a new species from Cambodia and Laos

A new species of Acampe Lindl. (Orchidaceae), from Cambodia and Laos, is described and illustrated: A. hulae Telepova. It is close to A. praemorsa (Roxb.) Blatt. & McCann from South and South-East Asia, both species possess leaves that are less than 2.5 cm wide, an inflorescence 2-5 cm long, flowers 1.5 cm in diameter. However, A. hulae is distinguished by its labellum having two rows of large papillae in the centre; the interior of its spur has a uniform indument adjacent to the labellum of c. 0.2 mm long trichomes; and it has a subglobular operculum (2.5 × 2 mm) with a flattened erose margin c. 1 mm wide bearing nectariferous stomata.


Orchidaceae, Acampe hulae, operculum, pollinium, pollinarium, nectariferous stomata, Cambodia, Laos, new species

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