Le genre Stolzia (Orchidaceae) en Afrique centrale avec deux nouveaux taxons

Vincent DROISSART, Murielle SIMO, Bonaventure SONKÉ, Valérie CAWOY & Tariq STÉVART

fr Adansonia 31 (1) - Pages 25-40

Published on 26 June 2009

The genus Stolzia (Orchidaceae) in central Africa with two new taxa.

A taxonomic revision of genus Stolzia (Orchidaceae) occurring in central Africa is given. Nine taxa are recognized. Two new taxa from Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea (Rio Muni) are described and illustrated. Stolzia repens (Rolfe) Summerh. var. cleistogama Stévart, Droissart & Simo differs from the two other varieties of S. repens by its dorsal sepal, which is jointed to lateral sepal on one third of his total length, and by its smaller and non-reflected sepals and petals. Stolzia grandiflora P.J.Cribb subsp. lejolyana Stévart, Droissart & Simo is morphologically close to the type subspecies, endemic to Ethiopia, but differs from it by a longer inflorescence with two flowers that are smaller. The morphological affinity of S. grandiflora subsp. lejolyana appears to lie with the varieties of S. repens (Rolfe) Summerh. However, the new species differs by having inflorescences with two flowers and a longer and thinner peduncle. Stolzia cupuligera (Kraenzl.) Summerh. and S. peperomioides (Kraenzl.) Summerh. are neotypified. The position of S. thomensis Stévart & P.J.Cribb is reconsidered and proposed as S. peperomioides (Kraenzl.) Summerh. subsp. thomensis (Stévart & P.J.Cribb) Stévart, Droissart & Simo. Many new records of Stolzia are given. Key to identification of species and synopsis table of all taxa occurring in central Africa are given.

Central Africa, Orchidaceae, Stolzia, new taxa, neotypification, new combination, new records
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