Une variété nouvelle de Blechnum gracile Kaulf. (Blechnaceae) pour les Guyanes et le Venezuela

Michel BOUDRIE & Georges CREMERS

fr Adansonia 30 (1) - Pages 31-39

Published on 27 June 2008

A new variety of Blechnum gracile Kaulf. (Blechnaceae) for the Guianas and Venezuela.

Within the framework of the study of the biodiversity of the Guianas, a new variety, Blechnum gracile Kaulf. var. pilosum, is described. Characterized by its rachis bearing numerous 1 mm long, translucent and septate hairs, it is known, until now, from French Guiana, Suriname and western Venezuela, on mossy rocky cliffs close to summits or inselbergs mainly at 450-1100 m elevation.


Pteridophytes, Monilophytes, Blechnaceae, Blechnum gracile, Guianas, Venezuela, new variety

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