Typifications dans l'herbier Tournefort pour des taxons représentés par des planches iconographiques de Plumier

Georges CREMERS & Cécile AUPIC

fr Adansonia 30 (1) - Pages 17-30

Published on 27 June 2008

Typifications in Tournefort herbarium for taxa represented by Plumier’s drawings.

The pteridophyte drawings made by Plumier were used by some authors to describe new species. The specimens he collected in Martinique and at Santo Domingo (1689-1695) were never cited. Most of them are present within the Tournefort herbarium (P-TRF). To better precise these taxa, we designate 33 specimens as epitypes.


Pteridophyta, Antilles, Plumier, Tournefort, historical herbaria

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