Two new species of Hypselodelphys (Marantaceae) from West Africa

Carel Christiaan Hugo JONGKIND

en Adansonia 30 (1) - Pages 57-62

Published on 27 June 2008

Hypselodelphys triangularis Jongkind and Hypselodelphys velutina Jongkind, two new species from the forests of West Africa, are described and illustrated. Hypselodelphys triangularis is characterized by its acute triangular fruits and c. 5 mm long inflorescence internodes. Hypselodelphys violacea (Ridl.) Milne-Redh., the only other Hypselodelphys species with acute triangular fruits in the area where H. triangularis is found, has inflorescence internodes about twice as long. The second new species, H. velutina, is characterized by its completely velutinous inflorescence internodes and rounded lobed fruits. Hypselodelphys poggeana (K.Schum.) Milne-Redh., the only species with comparable fruits in the same area, has an inflorescence with a distinctly different indumentum.


Marantaceae, Hypselodelphys, West Africa, new species

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