Spécimens de Charles Plumier déposés à Paris dans les collections de ptéridophytes américains de Tournefort, Vaillant, Danty d'Isnard et Jussieu

Georges CREMERS & Cécile AUPIC

fr Adansonia 29 (2) - Pages 159-193

Published on 28 December 2007

Specimens from Charles Plumier deposited in Paris in the American pteridophytes collections of Tournefort, Vaillant, Danty d’Isnard and Jussieu.

During the period 1689-1695, Charles Plumier collected and drew a large number of plants from the Antilles (Martinique, Santo Domingo). His drawings of Pteridophyta have been used by certain authors to describe new species. The Plumier specimens have never been cited and have been considered as being within the Tournefort collection. However, a number of them have recently been discovered in the Vaillant, Danty d’Isnard and Jussieu herbaria.

Pteridophyta, Antilles, Plumier, Tournefort, Vaillant, Danty d’Isnard, Jussieu, historical herbaria
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