Three new species of Calyptranthera (Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae) from Madagascar


en Adansonia 29 (1) - Pages 113-121

Published on 29 June 2007

Three new species of Calyptranthera (Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae), C. villosa Klack., C. sulphurea Klack., and C. filifera Klack., are described, illustrated and compared to related species. Calyptranthera villosa and C. sulphurea are described from material collected at Daraina in northern Madagascar. Calyptranthera villosa differs from other species of the genus by its densely hairy corolla lobes in combination with long corona lobes, C. sulphurea by its yellow flowers. The type of C. filifera was found near Farafangana at the southeastern coast of Madagascar and is characterized by its exceedingly delicate connectival appendages with triangularly broadened bases. A key to the 10 known species of Calyptranthera is also presented.

Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae, Calyptranthera, Madagascar, Daraina, new species
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