Book reviews

Thierry DEROIN & Myriam GAUDEUL

fr en Adansonia 29 (1) - Pages 137-140

Published on 29 June 2007

Su Y. C. F. & Saunders R. M. K. 2006. — Monograph of Pseuduvaria (Annonaceae). Systematic Botany Monographs 79, The American Society of Plant Taxo nomists, 204 p., 90 figs, 3 tables, 3 colour pls.
ISSN: 0737-8211;
ISBN-10: 0-912861-79-7;
ISBN-13: 978-0-912861-79-1;
Format: 26 × 18.3 cm;
Review in English by Thierry Deroin.

Erkens R. H. J. 2007.From Morphological Nightmare to Molecular Conundrum. Phylogenetic, Evolutionary and Taxonomic Studies on Guatteria (Annonaceae). Universiteit Utrecht, Nationaal Herbarium Nederland & Biodiversiteit, Gildeprint Drukkerijen, Enschede, 276 p., 70 figs (incl. maps and diagrams), 12 tables.
ISBN: 978-90-9021525-9;
Format: 24 × 17.1 cm;
Review in English by Thierry Deroin & Myriam Gaudeul.

Aleck Yang T. Y. 2006.Type Specimens of Taiwanese Plants Named by Dr. C. J. Maximowicz and Housed at the Herbarium, Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia (LE). Special publication 10, National Museum of Natural Science, Shuncheng Printing Co., Taichung (Taiwan), 90 p., 85 figs.
ISSN: 1015-8391;
Format: 29.6 × 21 cm;
Review in English by Thierry Deroin.

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