Révision synoptique du genre Apodytes (Icacinaceae) à Madagascar et aux Comores


fr Adansonia 28 (2) - Pages 379-387

Published on 29 December 2006

Synoptic revision of the genus Apodytes (Icacinaceae) in Madagascar and Comoro Islands

A taxonomic revision of the genus Apodytes E.Mey. ex Arn. (Icacinaceae) in Madagascar and Comoro Islands is presented. Study of morphological characters allows the recognition of four species. Three of which are endemic to Madagascar, including one, A. bebile Labat, R.Rabev. & El-Achkar, described as new. Apodytes bebile is close to A. grandifolia but differs from it by its smaller leaves, its long petioles, its inflorescences that are reduced with a finer rachis and its smaller fruits. Apodytes bebile is known at present only from the littoral forest on sands of the south-east, in the region of Taolagnaro. A lectotype is designated for Apodytes dimidiata E.Mey. ex Arn.


Icacinaceae, Apodytes, Madagascar, Comoro Islands, new species

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