Operculicarya (Anacardiaceae) revisited: an updated taxonomic treatment for Madagascar and the Comoro Islands, with descriptions of two new species


en Adansonia 28 (2) - Pages 359-371

Published on 29 December 2006

A taxonomic revision of Operculicarya H.Perrier (Anacardiaceae) in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands is presented. Eight species are recognized, seven endemic to Madagascar, two of which (O. capuronii and O. multijuga) are described as new and illustrated. The two new species are distinguished by the size of their leaves and leaflets, and the structure of their inflorescences. A slightly expanded circumscription of the genus is adopted to include O. gummifera, most recently placed in Poupartia by Eggli. Eco-geographic features of each species are discussed, and preliminary conservation assessments are calculated using IUCN Red List criteria. A key to the species is provided in English and French.

Keywords :

Anacardiaceae, Operculicarya, Madagascar, Comoro Islands, conservation, new species

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