Novitates Gabonenses 62. Dichapetalum neglectum (Dichapetalaceae), a second new species from Gabon with 4-5-locular ovaries, with an adapted key to the Central African species

Franciscus J. BRETELER

en Adansonia 28 (2) - Pages 299-309

Published on 30 December 2006

Dichapetalum neglectum is described and illustrated. The new species, initially overlooked, is, as D. rabiense Breteler, characterized by 4-5-locular ovaries and inarticulate pedicels. From D. rabiense it may be distinguished by its larger, distinctly pedicelled flowers. An adapted key to the Central African species, which accommodates the 10 new species for the area published since the completion of the revision for Africa in 1986, is provided.


Dichapetalaceae, Dichapetalum, Gabon, Central Africa, key, new species

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