Endemic Families of Madagascar. X. Two new species of Rhopalocarpus Bojer (Sphaerosepalaceae)

George E. SCHATZ & Porter P. LOWRY II

en Adansonia 28 (2) - Pages 329-336

Published on 29 December 2006

Recent collections of Sphaerosepalaceae from NE Madagascar represent two new species of Rhopalocarpus Bojer. In the case of R. mollis, fruiting material from E of Mandritsara confirms previous doubts concerning the disjunct occurrence of R. triplinervius in the region, which was based on a single sterile specimen. Two fruiting collections from between Sambava and Vohemar represent the first material of R. randrianaivoi, reaffirming the importance of the region as a center of local endemism requiring immediate conservation action. The two new species are distinguished by their leaf size and shape, venation, and fruit surface.

Keywords :

Sphaerosepalaceae, Rhopalocarpus, conservation, Madagascar, new species

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