A new restricted-range species of Buxus L. (Buxaceae) from central Madagascar

Porter P. LOWRY II & George E. SCHATZ

en Adansonia 28 (1) - Pages 67-70

Published on 30 June 2006

Buxus cipolinica Lowry & G.E.Schatz, a distinctive new species from central Madagascar, is described and illustrated. It most closely resembles B. humbertii G.E.Schatz & Lowry, but differs in several characters, including the shape of its leaves and of the sepals in its female flowers. This Critically Endangered species is known only from a single highly threatened stand of remnant native vegetation on marble substrate situated south of the town of Ambatofinandrahana.


Buxaceae, Buxus, conservation, Madagascar, new species

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