A new species of Malagasy Gnidia and the lectotypification of Octolepis decalepis (Thymelaeaceae)

Zachary S. ROGERS

en Adansonia 28 (1) - Pages 155-160

Published on 30 June 2006

Two recent collections from the Bemangidy-Ivohibe Forest (SW Madagascar, N of Fort-Dauphin) represent an undescribed species of Gnidia L. (Thymelaeaceae). This new species, formally described here as G. razakamalalana Z.S.Rogers, differs most obviously from all other Malagasy Thymelaeaceae by its very long tubular flowers arranged in one-flowered terminal inflorescences. The description is accompanied by an illustration and a preliminary conservation assessment. A lectotype is also designated for Octolepis decalepis Gilg (Thymelaeaceae), a taxonomic synonym for the continental African O. casearia Oliv. var. casearia.


Thymelaeaceae, Gnidia, Octolepis, Madagascar, conservation, new species

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