Musa lawitiensis Nasution & Supard. (Musaceae) and its intraspecific taxa in Borneo


en Adansonia 28 (1) - Pages 55-65

Published on 30 June 2006

Musa lawitiensis Nasution & Supard. is re-described based on field studies in Borneo. Musa lawitiensis var. kapitensis and Musa lawitiensis var. sarawakensis are described and illustrated as new varieties. Musa suratii Argent is proposed to be reclassified as a variety of Musa lawitiensis and to be renamed as Musa lawitiensis var. suratii. Keys and a table for differentiating characteristics of each variety are provided. All these observations and descriptions are based on the author’s extensive field studies in Borneo during 2001-2004.


Musaceae, Musa, wild banana, Borneo, new varieties

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