Deux nouvelles espèces d'Ouratea (Ochnaceae) des Guyanes


fr Adansonia 28 (1) - Pages 119-127

Published on 30 June 2006

Two new species of Ouratea (Ochnaceae) from the Guyanas

Two new guyanan species, Ouratea pseudogigantophylla Sastre from Suriname and O. candelabra Sastre from Guyana, are described. They differ from O. gigantophylla (Erhard) Engl. from Brazil (Bahia state) and O. theophrasta (Planch. in Linden) Baillon from Central America (Mexico and Guatemala) by their leaves plane and not coriaceous. Ouratea pseudogigantophylla is a shrub, 3-5 m high, with inflorescences shorter than the leaves while O. candelabra is a treelet, 9 m high, with inflorescences longer than the leaves. In O. gigantophylla, the adult leaves are undulate in the globality while in O. theophrasta, the undulation, including in the young leaves, is provoked by the network of secondary venation salient above and sunken in lower surface. The nomenclature and the typification of O. theophrasta are specified.


Ochnaceae, Ouratea, Suriname, Guayana, Brazil, Mexico, new species

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