Contribution à la connaissance des Myrsinaceae de Nouvelle-Calédonie. I. Le genre Maesa Forssk.

Maurice SCHMID

fr Adansonia 28 (1) - Pages 143-148

Published on 30 June 2006

Contribution to the knowledge of Myrsinaceae in New Caledonia. I. The genus Maesa Forssk.

The genus Maesa Forssk. is represented within the New Caledonian area (Grande Terre, satellite islands, and the Loyalty Archipelago) by two species, both lianas: M. novo-caledonica Mez, growing on all kinds of substrates (ultramafic, siliceous, and calcareous) and in every part of the Territory, and M. jaffrei M.Schmid, a new species described here, discovered in the Boulinda-Kopéto Massif, in the central part of the Grande Terre. This new species is distinguished from the former by its narrower leaves including a dense frame of secretory ducts, by few branched infructescences shorter than leaves, as well as frequently longer fruit peduncles.


Myrsinaceae, Maesa, New Caledonia, new species

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