Validation d'Acridocarpus monodii Arènes & Jaeger ex Birnbaum & J.Florence, sp. nov. (Malpighiaceae). Notes sur sa biologie

Philippe BIRNBAUM & Jacques FLORENCE

fr Adansonia 27 (2) - Pages 235-241

Published on 30 December 2005

Validation of Acridocarpus monodii Arènes & Jaeger ex Birnbaum & Florence,sp. nov. (Malpighiaceae). Notes on its biology

This article aims to put the name of an endemic species of Mali, Acridocarpus monodii Arènes & Jaeger, in conformity with the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. The original description of this Malphigiacea, in 1961, was based on two specimens deposited in the herbarium of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle of Paris (P). However, according to the code only one specimen, the holotype, must be indicated at the time of the initial diagnosis. In this article we will validate this name by indicating a holotype, from among the two original specimens.


Malpighiaceae, Acridocarpus, endemic, Mali, Bandiagara

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