Une espèce et une variété nouvelles de Vaccinium (Ericaceae) de Nouvelle-Guinée

Frédéric DANET

fr Adansonia 27 (2) - Pages 281-285

Published on 30 December 2005

A new species and a new variety of Vaccinium (Ericaceae) from New Guinea.

A new species and a new variety of Vacciniumsect. Bracteata (Ericaceae), recently discovered in New Guinea, are described and illustrated. The new species, V. tectiflorum Danet, differs from other members of the genus by having the raceme sheltered under its subtending leaf. The new variety, V. minuticalcaratum J.J.Sm. var. magnibracteatum Danet, differs from the type variety by having floral bracts that are foliaceous and puberulous.


Ericaceae, Vaccinium, Bracteata, New Guinea, Indonesia, new species, new variety

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