Novitates Gabonenses 55. Manuscript names and drawings of the French botanist Louis Pierre (1833-1905): a discussion about their validity with some examples of nomenclatural consequences for the Gabonese flora in particular

Franciscus J. BRETELER

en Adansonia 27 (2) - Pages 325-335

Published on 30 December 2005

The importance of the French botanist Louis PIERRE for Gabon, best known from his Flore forestière de la Cochinchine, is introduced. New species published by him by means of the distribution of drawings by E. DELPY are considered effective and valid, but mostly not treated as such. Nomenclatural consequences, ranging from change of author to change of generic name, are demonstrated from a few examples in the Euphorbiaceae, the Irvingiaceae, and the Scytopetalaceae.


Louis Pierre, manuscript names, validity, nomenclature, new combinations, Euphorbiaceae, Irvingiaceae, Scytopetalaceae, Gabon

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