Nomenclature and typification in the endemic genus Codia (Cunoniaceae) from New Caledonia

Helen C. Fortune HOPKINS

en Adansonia 27 (2) - Pages 243-254

Published on 30 December 2005

The taxonomic history of Codia is described briefly. All names validly published in Codia, or published under other generic names but referable to Codia, are discussed and lectotypified where necessary. Invalidly published names are also listed. Codia cinerascens (Pamp.) H.C.Hopkins, comb. et stat. nov., Codia fusca (Schltr.) H.C.Hopkins, comb. nov., and Codia incrassata Pamp. var. rufinervis (Guillaumin) H.C.Hopkins, comb. nov., are published.


Cunoniaceae, Codia, New Caledonia, nomenclature, typification

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