A new species of Bertiera Aubl. (Rubiaceae) in subgenus Bertierella discovered in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon

Bonaventure SONKÉ, Pablo ESONO, Charlemagne NGUEMBOU K. & Tariq STÉVART

fr Adansonia 27 (2) - Pages 309-315

Published on 30 December 2005

Une nouvelle espèce de Bertiera Aubl. (Rubiaceae) du sous-genre Bertierella découverte en Guinée Équatoriale et au Cameroun

A new species of Bertiera (Rubiaceae) from Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, Bertiera rosseeliana Sonké, Esono & Nguembou, is described and illustrated here. This new species belongs to subgenus Bertierella and appears to be closely related to Bertiera naucleoides. It differs from this species, however, by the features stated in the diagnosis: glabrous leaf blade (not puberulous); calyx lobes shorter (2-3 not 7-8 mm); corolla tube longer (18-20 not 5-6 mm); fruits without pedicel.


Rubiaceae, Bertiera, Monte Mitra, Akom II, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, new species

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