Une nouvelle variété de Lindsaea lancea (Pteridophyta, Dennstaedtiaceae) du plateau des Guyanes

Michel BOUDRIE & Georges CREMERS

fr Adansonia 27 (1) - Pages 9-16

Published on 30 June 2005

A new variety of Lindsaea lancea (Pteridophyta, Dennstaedtiaceae) from the plateau of the Guianas

In relation to the study of the biodiversity of the Guianas, a new variety of Lindsaea lancea, var. submontana, is described. Characterized by its rectangular, 30-35 × 10-13 mm, non falcate pinnae with rounded apex, it is known, until now, from Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, in submontane rainforest covering summits at 500-800 m elevation.


Pteridophyta, Dennstaedtiaceae, Lindsaea, Guianas, new variety

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