Une nouvelle espèce d'Ouratea (Ochnaceae) de l'Amazonie brésilienne


fr Adansonia 27 (1) - Pages 85-88

Published on 30 June 2005

A new species of Ouratea (Ochnaceae) from Brasilian Amazonia

A new brazilian species, Ouratea javariensis sp. nov., is described from Amazonas state. Morphological comparisons with O. verruculosa Engler from Amazonas too, but growing along the Rio Negro, are made. Ouratea javariensis differs from O. verruculosa by the margin of the leaves denticulate and a few undulate, and by the inflorescence erect 15-16 cm long, with 5-6 ramifications, when it is curved and has 5-10 cm long in O. verruculosa.


Ochnaceae, Ouratea javariensis, Brazil, Amazonas state, new species

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