A revision of the Malagasy endemic Talinella (Portulacaceae)


en Adansonia 27 (1) - Pages 47-80

Published on 30 June 2005

A revision is presented of the genus Talinella Baill. Twelve species are recognized, of which seven (T. albidiflora, T. ankaranensis, T. bosseri, T. humbertii, T. latifolia, T. tsitondroinensis, T. xerophila) are newly described. Talinella Grevei Danguy is divided into four subspecies, of which two (subsp. calcicola, subsp. hirsuta) are newly described and one (subsp. sarmentosa) is newly recognized at that taxonomic level. All species are endemic to Madagascar, and most are vulnerable or endangered.


Portulacaceae, Talinella, Madagascar, conservation, endemism, new species

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