Une nouvelle espèce de Coffea L. (Rubiaceae, Coffeeae) du Cameroun, et quelques notes sur ses affinités avec les espèces voisines

Bonaventure SONKÉ & Piet STOFFELEN

fr Adansonia 26 (2) - Pages 153-160

Published on 31 December 2004

A new species of Coffea (Rubiaceae, Coffeeae) from Cameroon, with notes on its affinities with related species.

A new species of Coffea (Rubiaceae) from Cameroon, Coffea fotsoana Stoffelen & Sonké, is described, illustrated and mapped. Its relationships within the genus are discussed and a key is provided to all species occurring in Cameroon. The conservation status of this species is given, using IUCN Red List categories.

Keywords :
Rubiaceae, Coffea, Mbam Minkom, Cameroon
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