Australian representatives of Macrostelia transferred to Hibiscus (Malvaceae) with description of a new species

Lindley A. CRAVEN & Bernard E. PFEIL

en Adansonia 26 (2) - Pages 235-240

Published on 31 December 2004

The Australian species of Macrostelia fall within the circumscription of Hibiscus and the two taxa concerned are transferred to the latter genus. A new species is described. Three new names are proposed: H. tozerensis Craven & B.E. Pfeil (based on M. grandifolia Fryxell), H. macilwraithensis (Fryxell) Craven & B.E. Pfeil (based on M. grandifolia subsp. macilwraithensis Fryxell), and H. propulsator Craven & B.E. Pfeil (for the new species).

Malvaceae, Hibiscus, Macrostelia, Australia
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