Inclusion of the endemic New Caledonian genus Pseudosciadium in Delarbrea (Apiales, Myodocarpaceae)

Porter P. LOWRY II, Gregory M. PLUNKETT, Virginie RAQUET, Taylor S. SPRENKLE & Joël JÉRÉMIE

en Adansonia 26 (2) - Pages 251-256

Published on 31 December 2004

Recent molecular and morphological phylogenetic analyses of the newlyrecognized family Myodocarpaceae (Apiales) have shown that the genus Pseudosciadium (represented by a single species endemic to New Caledonia) is nested within a well-supported clade that also comprises members of the genus Delarbrea, necessitating its inclusion within a more broadly circumscribed Delarbrea. An expanded description is provided for Delarbrea along with a detailed description of the newly transferred species, D. balansae, accompanied by full citation of specimens, an illustration and a preliminary conservation assessment calculated according to IUCN Red List criteria.


Apiales, Myodocarpaceae, Pseudosciadium, Delarbrea, New Caledonia, conservation

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