Weinmannia magnifica and W. aggregata (Cunoniaceae): two distinctive new species from Madagascar

Zachary S. ROGERS & Jason C. BRADFORD

en Adansonia 26 (1) - Pages 83-91

Published on 08 July 2004

Two new species, Weinmannia magnifica J.C. Bradford & Z.S. Rogers and W. aggregata Z.S. Rogers & J.C. Bradford from Madagascar, are described and illustrated. Based mainly on inflorescence characters, W. magnifica is allied with four other species in Weinmannia sect. Spicatae Bernardi ex J.C. Bradford, but uniquely possesses large, pubescent, trifoliolate or rarely 5-foliolate leaves that easily distinguish it from putative relatives. Weinmannia aggregata is clearly related to W. venusta Bernardi (sect. Inspersae), but differs markedly in the aggregation of floral fascicles into globose clusters (i.e. pseudo-umbels) along the flower-bearing axes, by the tendency towards obovate rather than ovate leaflets, and by having proportionally wider fruit capsules. Keys to the five species in species-group F and to the two members of species-group D are provided, followed by descriptions and illustrations of the new species. Based on IUCN (2001) criteria, W. magnifica qualifies as an endangered species (EN), and W. aggregata should be considered a species vulnerable to extinction (VU).


Cunoniaceae, Weinmannia, Madagascar, endangered species, conservation

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