Deux nouvelles espèces de Potentilla (Rosaceae) de Nouvelle-Guinée

Frédéric DANET

fr Adansonia 25 (2) - Pages 239-246

Published on 26 December 2003

Two new species of Potentilla (Rosaceae) from New Guinea.

Two new species of Potentilla (Rosaceae) sect. Leptostylae, recently discovered in New Guinea, are described and illustrated. The first, P. biloba, close to P. philippinensis, is distinctive in its subglabrous and generally bilobed leaflets, and in its calyx and epicalyx that remain spreading after anthesis. The second, P. yonoweana, differs from P. adinophylla in its long flowering stems bearing numerous cauline leaves and many flowers.

Potentilla, sect. Leptostylae, Rosaceae, New Guinea, Indonesia, Papua
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