Aralia hiepiana J. Wen & Lowry, a new species of Araliaceae from Vietnam

Jun WEN & Porter P. LOWRY II

en Adansonia 24 (2) - Pages 213-216

Published on 27 December 2002

Aralia hiepiana J. Wen & Lowry, a new species from southern Vietnam, is described and illustrated. It belongs to Aralia sect. (Miq.) Miq. and most closely resembles A. foliolosa Wall. ex C.B. Clarke from China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam, but can be distinguished by several characters of the leaves, inflorescences, flowers and fruits. The new species is also compared with several other members of Aralia from Vietnam, including A. armata (Wall.) Seem., A. chapaensis N.S. Bui, and A. finlaysoniana (Wall. ex G. Don) Seem., all of which have similar leaflet morphology.

Aralia, Aralia hiepiana, Aralia sect. Dimorphanthus, Araliaceae, Vietnam
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