Une nouvelle espèce de Turraea (Meliaceae) des Mascareignes. Localisation de T. thouarsiana et identité de T. casimiriana


fr Adansonia 24 (1) - Pages 113-116

Published on 03 July 2002

A new species of Turraea(Meliaceae) from the Mascarene Islands. Distribution of T. thouarsiana and the identity of T. casimiriana.

A new species of Meliaceae, Turraea monticola Bosser, is described from La Réunion. Another species, first described in Olacaceae (Olax thouarsiana Baill.) then transferred by CAVACO & KERAUDREN (1955) to Turraea [(T. thouarsiana Baill.) Cavaco & Keraudren] and presumed to be from Madagascar, is in fact native to the Mascarenes and recognized as Turraea casimiriana in the Flore des Mascareignes (1997).

Keywords :
Meliaceae, Turraea, Olax thouarsiana, Mascarenes, Madagascar, La Réunion
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