Une nouvelle espèce de Turraea (Meliaceae) des Mascareignes. Localisation de T. thouarsiana et identité de T. casimiriana


fr Adansonia 24 (1) - Pages 113-116

Published on 03 July 2002

A new species of Turraea(Meliaceae) from the Mascarene Islands. Distribution of T. thouarsiana and the identity of T. casimiriana.

A new species of Meliaceae, Turraea monticola Bosser, is described from La Réunion. Another species, first described in Olacaceae (Olax thouarsiana Baill.) then transferred by CAVACO & KERAUDREN (1955) to Turraea [(T. thouarsiana Baill.) Cavaco & Keraudren] and presumed to be from Madagascar, is in fact native to the Mascarenes and recognized as Turraea casimiriana in the Flore des Mascareignes (1997).

Meliaceae, Turraea, Olax thouarsiana, Mascarenes, Madagascar, La Réunion
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